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There is no reason to fear gentle, painless extractions at our dental office in Battle Creek, MI

Approachable care, a comfortable experience, and gentle dentistry are at the heart of all that we do at the office of Earl E. Gaball, DDS in Battle Creek, MI. Dr. Gaball has invested in considerable training on advanced techniques that are precise and conservative (tissue-preserving and non-invasive) to support these principles. Likewise, sophisticated technologies aid in our ability to provide hassle-free, low-stress, and painless dentistry. When natural teeth cannot be preserved, Dr. Gaball restores healthy smiles with dental extractions that offer immediate pain relief, are efficient and low-risk and promote healing.

Gentle care meets preventive dentistry

Extractions and other standard procedures at our office use instruments and systems that eliminate the need for many sources of dental fear and anxiety; for instance, many patients dread the sound and sensation of the drill, or the sight of, and lingering numbing associated with, shots to administer anesthetic. Dr. Gaball has alternatives to these fear-inspiring tools of the trade that range from light-touch anesthetic “wands” (no needles!) to lasers that eliminate the cutting and minimize undesirable post-treatment side effects, like bleeding. We believe that these investments in patient comfort will keep you and your family coming back to our office for the routine exams and cleanings necessary to prevent the two leading causes of tooth loss: tooth decay and gum disease.

We appreciate that some situations where extractions are necessary, regardless of how often you visit us or how well you brush. Wisdom teeth, for example, can be pretty troublesome. They are the last teeth to erupt in your mouth. By the time they develop, there may be insufficient room in your jaws for them. So, these “third molars” tend to become impacted or trapped underneath the gum tissue. Our approach to wisdom teeth, however, is also proactive. We monitor how they are developing during your regular check-up. That way, we can recommend removing the problem tooth before it causes pain and threatens the health of surrounding teeth.

What to expect

There are generally two different ways to extract the tooth: a “simple” extraction or a “surgical” extraction. Both techniques are straightforward. If the tooth is intact above the gum line, we use a light touch and special tools to loosen the tooth and lift it from the socket gently. That is done on a wholly numbed tooth. So, you won’t feel anything throughout the process. A surgical extraction may be what the dentist orders if the tooth is broken or trapped underneath the gums, as is the case with impacted wisdom teeth.

Simply put, we access the tooth through the gums using well-placed incisions. The tooth may be removed in parts, depending on your needs. If we need to build up the surrounding bone in preparation for tooth replacement options such as dental implants, bone-grafting material may also be applied to assure there is sufficient bony tissue to support the implant.

Afterward, healing should be pretty uneventful as long as you follow the after-care instructions provided by our dental team. If you are apprehensive about the procedure, we can also discuss sedative options before your appointment to keep you relaxed during the process.

Contact us today

We encourage you not to delay in reaching out to us. You can call us at (269) 883-1674. The more prolonged conditions go untreated, the worse they get. The treatment provides immediate relief. We may even be able to save your tooth, or we can promptly replace it with a bridge or implants that look and feel indistinguishable from healthy, natural teeth.