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A guide to oral appliance therapy in Battle Creek, MI … from sports mouthguards to nightguards!

We take relationships with our patients very seriously. We hate to see them in pain or no longer able to smile confidently as they once did. Fortunately, at Earl E. Gaball, DDS, we have at our disposal an entire category of powerful and versatile treatment options: oral appliance therapy. Just a few of the oral appliances that we offer at our office in Battle Creek, MI, include: 

  • Mouthguards
  • Nightguards 
  • Occlusal splints 

Mouthguards may be in your (or your child’s) future. If you have a youth athlete at home or play sports yourself, custom mouthguards present a practical, comfortable, and durable way to protect your teeth, gums, jaws, and oral tissues from injury. Additionally, researchers have found these appliances play a role in reducing the risk of concussion by limiting movement when objects come in contact with your face and head during games, practices, and other activities. Since we design mouthguards from models of your teeth and gums, they fit perfectly, comfortably and provide adequate protection. We also use quality materials. So, sports mouthguards last and last and are a great value. 

Nightguards differ from mouthguards in that we may customize these appliances to protect your teeth and dental work from damage caused by chronic teeth-grinding. This condition is known as bruxism. Dr. Gaball may suspect you are a bruxer if you have telltale signs of teeth-grinding, such as excessive wear and tear to dental restorations like crowns or chips and fractures. They are frequently called “night” guards because many patients tend to brux when they’re sleeping. Like sports mouthguards, our custom nightguards are also made from quality materials, fit well, and are designed to hold up over time. 

Oral splints may also be used to protect the patient’s teeth from the damage caused by bruxism; however, they are also designed to prevent the opposing back teeth in the upper and lower jaws from touching when you bite down. When these teeth do not make contact, the forces placed on the jaw joints and connected tissues are lessened. So, patients finally get relief from TMJ symptoms, such as chronic migraines and jaw and facial pain.

We won’t know what is most appropriate for you with numerous treatment options to choose from until we evaluate your needs. Contact us at (269) 883-1674 to schedule your appointment at our office in Battle Creek, serving Marshall, Kalamazoo, Athens, Climax, Albion, Charlotte, Jackson, Hastings, Galesburg, and the surrounding region.