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Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer screenings at Battle Creek, MI dentist are far from the ordinary with early detection tech

At Earl E. Gaball, DDS, we naturally partner closely with our patients in Battle Creek, MI, to keep their teeth and gums healthy, looking and feeling great. Dr. Gaball is also on the front line of detecting conditions such as oral cancer that can have severe consequences for our patient’s overall health.

Early detection saves lives

Other dentists may screen for these cancers using conventional methods. During a six-month check-up, they look for suspicious discoloration, rough patches, lumps or bumps, and other potential signs of pre-cancers and cancers. They may evaluate by sight and by touch. We use our knowledge and skill to inspect for trouble areas visually and by touch, too; however, we combine these techniques with advanced technologies.

We are among a select group of dentists to have invested in the VELscope® for the detection of precancerous dysplasia and oral cancers. VELscope® is a handheld device that lights up the abnormalities that are present when directed toward suspicious areas. These suspicious areas would not be visible without VELscope’s capacity to illuminate them. So, they would go undetected. If left to spread to other parts of the body or organs, the cancer is much harder to treat successfully. Localized cancers that have not spread or metastasized generally have a high “cure” rate. They can also be treated in a more conservative and less traumatic way.

VELscope® differs from other devices that use reflective light to illuminate suspicious tissues; its blue light excites or activates fluorophore molecules. These molecules deep in the tissue emit light at longer wavelengths, a process known as “fluorescence.” The green, yellow, and red shades stick out clearly from surrounding areas, which aids in accurate and prompt detection.

VELscope® is:

  • Noninvasive
  • Gentle and painless
  • Fast – only two minutes
  • Easy, can be incorporated effortlessly into a hygiene appointment
  • State-of-the-art, clinically proven and precise

Depending on what we find, an additional assessment may be necessary. A small bit of tissue may be sampled (biopsied) and analyzed to confirm a diagnosis. Hygiene visits also present a great time to identify potential risk factors for mouth cancers, such as smoking, and minimize or eliminate those risks. Contact us today at (269) 883-1674 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Gaball.