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A lifetime of health starts with pediatric dentistry in Battle Creek, MI

The prevalence of obesity, asthma, and diabetes among children gets a considerable amount of attention; however, none of these prevalent conditions are as common as dental disease!

A father of three, Dr. Earl E. Gaball enjoys and knows how to work closely with children to prevent tooth decay, a leading cause of tooth loss and the most widespread chronic childhood medical condition. As a practice offering pediatric dentistry services in Battle Creek, MI, Earl E. Gaball, DDS prides itself in empowering patients, the young and the young at heart.

We communicate clearly and in a way that children will understand. We also engage with parents or caregivers early, knowing that they play a significant role in the good habits that are instilled in our pediatric patients. The “grown-up” often models excellent practices by example. Also, the young child’s oral health depends on the parent’s care as their motor skills are developing. And, yes, baby teeth matter. They assure that adult or permanent teeth grow correctly. Even before the first tooth erupts through the baby’s gums, it is essential to keep those tissues clean and free of the sugars that promote ECCs or Early Childhood Caries (damage to the protective tooth enamel or softer dentin layer underneath).

During early visits to our office, we can demonstrate ways to clean even the youngest mouths well and adequately. We also advise on good nutrition and nutritional practices; for instance, a common cause of ECC is pacifying young children with bottles full of sugary drinks – milk or fruit juices. There are other ways to comfort your child that do not involve using decay-producing substances. Plus, the earlier we can incorporate healthy nutritional choices into your diet, the more likely your child is to enjoy good food for their teeth and body – for life.

Throughout routine check-ups during childhood, we can also recommend and provide preventive dental services. These include:

  • Fluoride supplementation – An easy and safe topical to strengthen the enamel that functions as a tooth’s protective armor
  • Dental sealants – Safe plastic coverings applied to back teeth to keep out food bits and other substances that cause decay
  • Oral appliances – Mouthguards and nightguards customized to your child’s mouth to protect their teeth from injuries caused during sports or from grinding their teeth during sleep
  • Interceptive orthodontics – Proactive correction of bad bites or misalignment caused by habits such as thumb-sucking or other developmental irregularities, may include appliances and exercises and behavioral modification.

Your child is one of a kind. The methods mentioned here may not apply. So, it is vital to get on a healthy routine of regular visits to our office. From there, we can recommend treatment that is suited to your child’s unique needs. Contact us at (269) 883-1674 today to schedule an appointment.

We look forward to meeting you and your child!