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Removable and Fixed Dentures

Restore your confident, healthy self with removable and fixed dentures in Battle Creek, MI

Earl E. Gaball, DDS practices both gentle dentistry and relationship-based dentistry. These close relationships are built on highly personalized, regular, and consistent visits to our office in Battle Creek, MI. During these visits, we recommend techniques and products that are tailored to address your needs and resolve your unique challenges. We also examine your teeth and gums to detect problems early, before they threaten your teeth. With that being said, we know that not all teeth can be preserved. There are some cases where it is necessary for your overall health and wellbeing to remove damaged teeth. Removable and fixed dentures should be placed promptly to support your quality of life, and to stave off the effects of bone loss in the jaw that arises when there are gaps in your smile where teeth used to be.

“Conventional” dentures

Dentures are generally made from a combination of a metal framework and acrylic or porcelain. These materials are color-matched to replicate the appearance and structure of your teeth and gum tissue. Our exacting attention to detail when planning treatments assures that these new teeth never look like “false teeth” or “fake.” They also precisely fit the contours of your mouth, which helps to maintain comfort and function when chewing or otherwise using your dentures. Dentures may be used to replace several teeth or all of the teeth in the upper and/or lower jaw. Again, due to our relationship-based approach, we work closely with you to assure that you adjust well and quickly to your new teeth, and to assure that you have the right tools to clean and maintain your dentures.

Implant-supported dentures

“Fixed” in dental circles refers to prosthetics or artificial tooth structure that is securely bonded to natural tissues. Instead of relying on natural suction and a proper fit, or on denture adhesives, patients may opt for dentures that rely on implants in the jaw for their stability. Once placed in the jaw, these strategically-placed implants fuse to the surrounding bone as part of a natural integration process. In turn, they function like a natural tooth root to stabilize the denture. Since the denture is quite literally “rooted” in the jaw, concerns over loose dentures are avoided. Implants may also be used to replace a single tooth or many teeth, the latter option refers to implant-retained bridges.

For more information about your options, schedule an appointment at our office. We may be able to “save” your natural teeth, and we welcome your questions. If you live in and around Marshall, Kalamazoo, Athens, Climax, Albion, Charlotte, Jackson, Hastings, and Galesburg, call us at (269) 883-1674 today!