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Teeth Whitening

A guide to safe, comfortable teeth whitening that works in Battle Creek, MI

We at Earl E. Gaball, DDS in Battle Creek, MI get to know all of our patients’ likes and dislikes, and we take a real interest in their lives. So, we appreciate that each patient has different needs, personal preferences, and goals. For this reason, Dr. Gaball offers options within each “treatment category.” Teeth whitening is no different. In this case, we offer both in-office and take-home whitening. Regardless of the method you choose to whiten your teeth, rest assured that it will get noticeable results, in a safe and comfortable manner.

The power of professional care

The whitening gels that Dr. Gaball prescribes and uses are peroxide-based. So, they are formulated with ingredients that are clinically proven to remove discoloration. Additionally, he uses concentrated formulations, which means these gels are strong enough to make a noticeable difference in the color of your teeth. OTC whitening products generally do not contain proven ingredients, or sufficiently-concentrated formulations.

Every aspect of the process is customized for exceptional treatment outcomes, as well with your safety and comfort in mind; for instance, the concentration of the gel can be adjusted to account for patients with enhanced sensitivity.

Whitening at home

Patients with healthy teeth and gums may prefer to whiten teeth gradually, from the comfort of home and on their schedule. In this case, Dr. Gaball prescribes oral appliances that are made to fit the contours of your mouth. Patients fill these appliances or trays with whitening gel. Once inserted in your mouth, the gel is transferred evenly and safely to the teeth. OTC whitening kits are designed to “fit all mouths.” These trays do not “seal in” the gel and tend to slip around, which is not only uncomfortable but can irritate and damage oral tissues. Wear the trays each day as directed by your dentist to achieve the level of whitening that you desire.

Keep in mind that even the most powerful whitening ingredients cannot lighten “artificial tooth structure,” dental work such as crowns. We can discuss ways to still get your desirable smile even with existing dental restorations. Call us at (269) 883-1674 to schedule your personalized tooth whitening consultation at our office in Battle Creek, MI — serving Marshall, Kalamazoo, Athens, Climax, Albion, Charlotte, Jackson, Hastings, Galesburg, and the surrounding area.