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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry helps you to put your best face forward in Battle Creek, MI

What does your smile “tell the world”? Does it align with your inner vigor? Or does it conflict with that vibrancy and positive energy? Depending on the state of your teeth and gums, your smile can either take years off your appearance or “age” you considerably. Likewise, white, evenly spaced, and otherwise attractive teeth and gums can convey that you are a healthy, well person. Dull, yellow, crooked, or crowded teeth and other imperfections may (wrongly) communicate to the world that you are in poor health and need some self-care. Cosmetic dentistry in Battle Creek, MI, at the office of Earl E. Gaball, DDS is powerful; it helps to align this important external facial feature with your internal self and personality. It also allows us to reflect on your health and well-being accurately.

Cosmetic options

Admittedly “cosmetic” procedures are those that correct aesthetic concerns. They are not necessary for proper function or oral health (like restorative dentistry). Depending on your needs and goals for cosmetic improvement, Dr. Gaball may recommend the following services on their own or in combination:

  • Professional teeth whitening (bleaching) – Prescription-strength whitening gels get noticeable and often dramatic results, safely and comfortably. Our patients may choose to gradually whiten from the comfort and convenience of home with customized take-home whitening trays. Or you may get many shades of lighter teeth with in-office (chairside) “power” whitening applied by your dentist in a single visit.
  • Porcelain veneers (indirect veneers) – We use quality dental porcelain to fabricate your veneers. These porcelain “facings” are then applied and fixed securely to the front surfaces of the teeth. Using this process, Dr. Gaball can artfully disguise imperfections such as chips or slight cracks. He can also use the veneers to add height to a worn-down tooth or recontour an irregularly shaped tooth.
  • Dental bonding (direct veneers) – This procedure is sometimes referred to as “direct veneers” because they are not made outside of the mouth and then applied and “bonded” or secured to the natural tooth. Instead, the pliable composite resin used to make this “veneer” is applied directly to the tooth. Then, your dentist shapes the tooth to cover up the same types of concerns mentioned above (under porcelain veneers). There are disadvantages and advantages to each type of veneer.

Other dental treatments available at Earl E. Gaball, DDS have an important cosmetic component. But they are not elective; these procedures are instead needed to treat damage and to resolve conditions that can threaten the structure of the tooth and oral health. These procedures include porcelain or tooth-colored restorations (like crowns and composite fillings) and orthodontic treatments like clear braces and clear aligners (Invisalign®).

The world deserves to see your true, confident self! Contact us today at (269) 883-1674 to schedule your smile consultation with Dr. Gaball.