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Smile Makeover

7 “secrets” to a confident smile, courtesy of design and makeover services in Battle Creek, MI

What characteristics make for an attractive smile? The “golden ratio” is a formula that measures facial symmetry. Generally, those faces that are closest to this ratio have more excellent symmetry and are associated with greater facial attractiveness. Smile makeover services in Battle Creek, MI, and elsewhere usually apply this same notion of balance, proportionality, symmetry, and harmony to enhance the appearance of the teeth and gums. As Earl E. Gaball, DDS, works with you to design your enhancement and confident smile, he may recommend treatments to:

  • Cover up or close gaps between teeth
  • Correct overlaps or otherwise crooked teeth
  • Eliminate dark stains or discoloration
  • Disguise chips and other surface irregularities
  • Resize overly short or worn teeth
  • Reshape an oddly contoured tooth
  • Restore or achieve harmony to the gums that support and “frame” the teeth

Actual Patient Results

If spacing issues detract from the appearance of your smile, Dr. Gaball may use porcelain veneers or bonding to cover up gaps. For crooked, crowded teeth and bite issues, we may recommend cosmetic straightening with discreet, removable clear aligners or braces made from clear brackets and wires that are not visible when you smile.

If there are gaps in your smile due to missing teeth, it is imperative that we promptly recommend highly functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing tooth replacement. Options range from traditional porcelain bridges and well-fitting dentures to bridges and dentures that are “rooted” by dental implants strategically placed and fixed in the jawbone.

Porcelain indirect veneers and bonding (direct veneers) may also be used to disguise surface imperfections, such as chips and slight fractures. More severe cracks may require restorative treatments such as tooth-colored fillings, inlays, onlays, and full-coverage porcelain crowns. Veneers are also appropriate to resize or reshape teeth and to address stubborn discoloration. Otherwise, patients can remove dark or yellow stains with professional teeth whitening. You may choose from chairside (office) whitening that gets results in one visit or take-home whitening that uses custom whitening trays to lift stains gradually from the comfort of home. Alternately, you may not have to choose between the two; patients can kickstart a whitening program in the office and sustain the dazzling results with trays applied from home.

Additionally, periodontal therapy or gum recontouring can either augment or reduce gummy tissue for gums that are in better proportion with the teeth and the rest of your smile.

The smile you’ve always wanted or want to regain awaits! Contact us today at (269) 883-1674 to schedule your appointment at the office of Earl E. Gaball, DDS.