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Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is not just for children: Preventive treatment for a lifetime of healthy smiles in Battle Creek, MI

As a gentle dental practice, Earl E. Gaball, DDS partners with patients to prevent the persistent pain and trauma that is associated with many oral conditions. One of the ways to keep your teeth healthy is with fluoride treatment. This mineral is also a safe way to build up teeth that have been weakened due to decay. So, our team in Battle Creek, MI can also reverse the destructive decay process among those patients with earlier-stage erosion and smaller cavities.

Fluoride, appropriate for children and adults alike

Professional fluoride supplementation may be recommended for your child during routine check-ups. These and other preventive services are a good idea for pediatric patients, because they represent proactive care. We use services such as dental sealants and fluoride to protect the baby teeth that are so critical to healthy oral and overall development. Partly, primary teeth guide secondary or adult teeth into proper positions. Fluoride fortifies the protective covering of our teeth (the enamel). In doing so, teeth are less susceptible to destructive, acidic attacks from harmful oral pathogens that feed off of the starches and sugars in foods and beverages.

Fluoride at the dentist’s office may be applied topically in various ways, including as a varnish, rinse, or foam. Since the fluoride is applied and prescribed so carefully by Dr. Gaball, you have peace of mind that your child is not getting “too much of a good thing.” Ingesting to much fluoride can be harmful to infants and children. For this reason, we recommend that you monitor your child brushing habits to assure they don’t eat fluoride toothpaste. More experienced patients can also benefit from this safe, naturally-occurring mineral. We may recommend fluoride supplementation during your next visit to our office if you:

  • Are at heightened risk of developing cavities
  • Have a “sweet tooth,” and like to snack or sip on sugary drinks and treats
  • Have deeply-grooved back teeth (molars), which tend to trap food
  • Are at greater risk of tooth fractures or cracks due to weak enamel
  • Have chronic dry mouth
  • Are challenged to sufficiently care for your teeth when at home or on the go

Services such as fluoridated varnish may be applied during your regular hygiene appointment. It can be brushed on to clean teeth, and dries quickly. Trays or appliances that are customized to your mouth can also be used to deliver powerful fluoride to the teeth. Be sure to ask us about fluoride during your next visit. To schedule, call (269) 883-1674. Our office is in Battle Creek but we are privileged to serve individuals and families from throughout the entire region, including Marshall, Kalamazoo, Athens, Climax, Albion, Charlotte, Jackson, Hastings, Galesburg.